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Sunday, April 17, 2016
Mother's Day & Father's Day
Due to the many functions this year, and the lack of available volunteers, we are discontinuing the Mother's Day and Father's Day breakfast's.

Sorry for any inconvenience; Board of Officers.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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My old IBM was a good machin*. It d*liv*r*d many y*ars of faithful work. Th* only thing wrong now is that a k*y is missing. I wish I had it fix*d so it would work p*rf*ctly. Of cours* th* oth*r forty on* k*ys function w*ll *nough, but it is just that on* which is missing that mak*s such a diff*r*nc*.

Som*tim*s it r*minds m* of a p*rson at th* Moos* lodg*. Th*y may b* lik* my old IBM. Not all m*mb*rs ar* working prop*rly. Som* ar* missing.

You may say to yours*lf, w*ll I’m only on* p*rson. My b*ing th*r*, or my not b*ing th*r* won’t mak* any diff*r*nc*, or I won’t mak* or br*ak an *v*nt.

But, it do*s mak* a diff*r*nc*. For any *v*nt to b* succ*ssful it must hav* activ* participation of *v*ry m*mb*r. Just say to yours*lf, “I am a k*y p*rson, and I am not going to b* that missing k*y”.
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